Public Consumer Non-commercial HD Imagery and Video
Brilliant HD keepsake aerial imagery of your home, livestock, property; Or on-demand wedding or event imagery, both available with archival quality storage media and printing upon request.(Strictly non-commercial use)
Real Estate
Aerial HD images and video with enhanced post-production value can greatly enhance your real estate listings, by showing off homes and property from unique views and angles even surpassing those that were previously only available from very expensive media production lifts and cranes. Aerial imagery from ETAIM can give you the edge you need to stand out from competitors and get your property sold.
Commercial Inspection
Professional quality HD Drone imagery can greatly simplfy and speed up jobsite inspection tasks while increasing worker safety and decreasing costs by using HD aerial images and video in place of putting people in dangerous situations on unstable ladders and scaffolding, reducing risks to workers and insurance costs from expensive injury claims. Visual inspection of roofs, power line and power transmission hardware, towers, antennas, job sites, and many other hard to access areas can be simplified, made safer, and otherwise enhanced with HD aerial imagery and video.
Law Enforcement
Using our on-demand services can greatly enhance law enforcement tasks, providing unique views as well as enhanced situational awareness, while eliminating the need for your organization to maintain expensive flight hardware or deal with the hassles of maintaining FAA compliant flight logs, hardware maintenance logs(which we continually maintain in detail, while keeping them available to you, and in a sworn to, and officially notarized format if needed by request), additionally our fully FAA licensed pilots have fewer flight restrictions than other operators flying under the older classes of FAA municipal flight regulations and exemptions.
Stock Management / Stock Recovery
Keep track and count of your livestock herds with the help aerial imagery and video, reducing the need to put workers at risk inside enclosures. If livestock has become lost on a large tract of land, HD aerial imagery provides a unique perspective not available to searchers on the ground, and with our integrated GPS location tagging can be used to speed up recovery operations, helping to minimize livestock losses while enhancing the bottom line of your operation.
Mapping, Construction Layout, Property Management
Aerial mapping can enhance many aspects construction and property management tasks. With the imagery captured by our Professional pilots we can build highly detailed aerial maps as well as 3-D models of a site which can assist you in planning and layout of your projects, and construction tasks.
Why is using a Professional FAA licensed service provider important for your organization or event?
We take pride in following all safety and regulatory guidelines set by the FAA in order to bring you the unique benefits of aerial imaging technology in a safe and responsible manner. All unmanned aircraft(aka Drones) in the United States are subject to extensive regulation, registration, testing, and licensing requirements by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), including but not limited to any and all forms of commercial activity. Failure to comply with FAA regulations may result in regulatory penalties up to $27,500 and criminal penalties up to $250,000 and/or imprisonment for up to 3 years, as well as significant civil liabilities. Keeping up with all these requirements can be quite a burden and a potential for liability for individuals and businesses, our professional services relieve you of many of these concerns allowing you to focus entirely on your business and event.